Monday, 7 April 2014

Lights, Cameras, Action! The First Ever Workhouse Diet Video is available!

If you were to be so bold as to click on this link to YouTube  you would find me in my kitchen rabbitting on about Pease Pottage.This link shows a second video in which, having tasted the Pease Pottage, I nearly vomit.

I have finally successfully filmed and published the first of many videos for this project. My ten year old son George is my cameraman, and I predict that the viewer may well feel George's presence quite definitely during the videos.

But never, no never (well, hardly ever*) in my wildest dreams did I imagine that going back 200 years to try living as a workhouse inmate would involve learning about many futuristic new technologies. 

I already knew how to 'blog' (my other life as a 'Royal' freelance speaker and singer is well-documented in my blog, What Queenie Did Next), but now, I also know how to sync my iPad, auto-update my Google Plus, create and manage a You Tube account, Twitter with two different personalities, Tweet, Retweet, and Follow others. In return, I now have over 100 people Following me. 

I am truly grateful for their interest and I feel as though I should at least offer them all a cup of tea- but I'm not allowed any on this 1797 diet.

Do check out and 'like' my Workhouse Diet Facebook page by clicking here, and consider becoming my disciple- er, follower-  on Twitter (@workhousediet).

Checkout Gressenhall's website to see what's happening there and in other Norfolk Museums- and look out for a big feature on this project in the EDP in the next couple of weeks! The Workhouse Diet itself begins on 29th April...

*Gilbert & Sullivan. Sorry. Quoting from old songs is like a nervous tic for me.

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  1. I love the videos and the off camera contributions - especially when George despairs of you and the camera shakes from side to side.