Wednesday, 30 April 2014

1797 Workhouse Diet Day 5: Frumenty

Day Five Stodge-ometer Rating: 7/10 (but in a good way)

Again, for breakfast, it is this: 

I have to admit to becoming a little tired of Edam cheese now, and VERY tired of beer. I drank the beer at breakfast time on days one and two to see what it was like, but haven't done so since, because it made me feel drowsy and sick to drink so early in the day. I am catching up on all required beer later each day, when all the driving's been done. At least I am assured of a good night's sleep that way!

For dinner, Day Five brings a sweet treat: FRUMENTY. this is a gorgeous eggy, creamy mixture of pearl barley, sugar and raisins. It's been around for hundreds of years and has various names; firmety, frumety and fimety being just a few. Here's a link to a YouTube video I made showing it.

It is indescribably lovely to eat something sweet and soft after the pottage, gruel and endless rye bread. It tasted like the unashamed love-child of a bread-and-butter pudding, and rice pudding. Utterly glorious, gloopy, glumptiousness.

The recipe I used is shown on the '1797 Diet and Recipes' page of this blog. 

Then it's back to this for supper:

My headaches have gone now- possibly because I ate some sugar today, but also, I hope, because my digestive system has acclimatised to the changes. Considering there's been no fruit and very little veg for four days, I'm doing ok. 

Good work, Rachel's intestines!

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