Thursday, 1 May 2014

1797 Workhouse Diet Day 6: Suet Pud and a Pasty Face

Day Six Stodge-ometer Rating: 8/10

At last- something with a bit of cakey bakiness to it: suet pudding!

I used the ingredients from Peter Higginbotham's excellent website, and the only 'method' available was the later version in my lovely, century-old copy of Mrs Beeton (before you say it, I know it's the wrong date, but no one seems to have written it down in 1797).

Here it is. I baked it instead of steaming, and it is, in fact, a giant dumpling. 

I microwaved it to eat for lunch at work, and I enjoyed the change of texture, after endless rye bread. The taste was ok- a little bland, and very greasy, extremely filling. I couldn't finish it! I wonder if the inmates would have been able to, if they'd been working physically all morning? Is this an indicator of appetite or lifestyle differences?

Breakfast had been bread with butter, and beer (though I didn't have the beer) and supper was, inevitably, bread and cheese, and more beer (I did drink the evening alcohol).

People keep telling me I look pale. So I guess I look pale. I feel alright, though increasingly lacking in energy. As Day Seven, the last day of the 1797 diet, approaches, I'm wondering what I'll eat for my first normal meal. All I really want is some fruit. 

And of course, the remaining Easter chocolate has been making eyes at me all week. I may just have to invite it out on a date tomorrow night. I predict a brief, but passionate affair!

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